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The Gautama wellness center includes several jacuzzis and saunas, a panoramic sauna, steam bath, salt cave, ice cave, heated foot bath, a bench with healing mineral stones,… Book a wellness package or book your room with wellness access and visit us to relax completely.

The 1000m² complex is open from 11 am to 10 pm on weekends and from 2 pm to 10 pm on weekdays. We offer both an area where swimwear is compulsory and an area without swimwear. You can move freely between the zones, provided you respect the dress code of each zone. Our wellness policy state what rules your bathing attire is subject to.

Our visitors should always carry both a bathrobe, a towel and slippers. You can rent a set of these items at the wellness complex or bring your own.

In addition to the wellness complex, the hotel features a swimming pool with jacuzzi. It is freely accessible to all hotel guests every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Wearing swimwear is always mandatory in this area.

Massages and treatments

The wellness center features 4 massage and treatment rooms. Here we offer the following treatments:

  • Relax Massage
    • This massage is very relaxing, it relaxes the body and is ideal against stress.
  • Hotstone Massage
    • This massage works with volcanic stones, heated towards approximately 45 to 50°C. The aim of this massage is deep relaxation, a cleansing effect and to tap into the body’s self-healing ability.
  • Facial care
    • This treatment is suitable for all skin types and consists of a deep cleansing followed by a lotion, exfoliation and a short massage with day cream.

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